Guidelines for authors



Authors invited for oral presentations must prepare  and send their presentation to [email protected] the latest by the 21st of June. The presentations must be a PowerPoint file (.ppt) compatible with a Windows operating system.

Oral presentations have been divided in different categories in the conference programme:

  • 25 min presentation +5 min questions These presentations are invited by the Scientific Committee as a means of recognising the abstracts that have received excellent feedback during the reviewing process.
  • 15 min presentation +5 min questions in joint morning session   These presentations  have been classified as having high impact and leading edge in diverse topics.
  • 15 min presentation +5 min questions in parallel sessions
  • 7 min presentation +3 min questions in parallel sessions. Authors are requested to reduce the introduction and background slides  (that usually take up to 5-6 minutes in a 15 minutes talk) and focus on the results and conclusions.

Authors will be informed individual of the type of presentation allocated to their abstracts by the end of April.



Authors invited for poster presentations need to print their own poster and bring it to the conference. The poster size MUST be 80 cm wide by 120 cm long. An example template can be found  here (iwa_postertemplate_powerpoint) but this formatting style is not compulsory.


Abstract and paper submission for ecoSTP16

Important dates: 

  • 15 December  2015 – New Deadline for submission of papers

  • 01 March 2016 – Evaluation of submitted papers completed
  • 15 April 2016 – Submission of the corrected versions of the papers accepted


Authors willing to have their papers considered for keynote or platform presentation will be required to submit a full paper of 4 pages, which needs to follow IWA Publishing Guidelines. Keynotes and platform presentations will be selected upon recommendations from at least 2 reviewers, based on their scientific quality, significance, novelty and relevance to the conference scope. Keynotes can be also invited by the Scientific Committee.

Authors wishing to have their papers considered for short presentation or poster presentation will be required to submit a 2 page extended abstract to the conference. A template can be downloaded from the website. Plenary, keynotes and platform presentations will be published in the conference proceedings in a document of up to 4 pages. Posters will be published in the conference proceedings in a document of up to 2 pages.

After the evaluation by Scientific Committee, the best papers will be invited for publication in IWA journals Water Science and Technology or Water Practice and Technology. For that, the authors will be required to submit a 8 page full paper according to the IWA Publishing Guidelines.

Submitting a paper

Once you have your contribution complete, please upload it in the IWA Conference submission website. An outline paper submission template is available to download here:


To submit your paper please submit online by clicking here.


This conference will focus on the development and application of novel technologies for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment while assuring the goals of environmental and economic sustainability. With this global the topics covered by the conference will include:

  • Innovative technologies and processes (wastewater, sludge, emerging pollutants, biopollutants and odour treatment)
  • Resource recovery (nutrients, energy, water, organic carbon compounds, etc.)
  • Plant wide evaluation and integration of novel processes in new and existing WWTPs
  • Greenhouse gases emissions (quantification and management)
  • Optimization and control system integration
  • Economic aspects (capital costs, operational costs, economical efficiency)
  • Management tools (LCA, carbon footprint, DSS, ecotoxicology, etc.)
  • Public perception and customer engagement